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Alex Megarit, LCSW, SEP

Licensed Clinical Social Worker #69996

Somatic Experiencing Therapist

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My Story

While studying social work at California State University, Los Angeles I learned the value of meaningful relationships and genuine human connection. It was then and there that I was able to make connections about who I am, where my passions lie, and I dedicated my life to becoming a therapist. I continued my studies at CSULA and earned my Masters degree in Forensic Social Work. It was there that I learned techniques in CBT, DBT, and Experiential therapies. After CSULA I studied Somatic Experiencing through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

It is my belief that healing comes from within you, and within the context of relationship. In my practice as a therapist and a healer I have been able to take this belief and put it into practice with my clients.

I found a new passion for healing in 2011 when I began studying the practice of Somatic Experiencing therapy, which focuses on positive psychology and the concept of healing at a biological and nervous system level (reconnecting the mind and body as one). As a facilitator and witness to this healing, I have had the privilege of working with clients experiencing a variety of presenting issues. It is my aim to provide a space for you to be your truest self, to help you to create more balance in your life, break free from old patterns, and expand your natural capacity to heal. It is an honor and a blessing for me to be a partner in this healing relationship with clients, their families, and their partners.

I have experience working with diverse populations, including inpatient, outpatient, children, teens, adults, families, and with chronic mental illness. This experience comes from having worked in non-profit organizations, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, churches, juvenile justice, and private practice. I feel drawn towards working within the world of trauma healing, and helping bring clients closer to their goals of thriving. I focus much of the work on treating trauma, substance abuse, behavioral issues, and interpersonal struggles. I aim to help clients navigate through the world with somatic techniques to help clients heal from the traumas of the past, beginning with positivity, while increasing capacity for that which brings discomfort and struggle. The approach I aim to take is one of integrating areas of resource and strength, from within you, as well as our relationship, to build capacity for healing and change.

In 2015 I entered the world of private practice, which has allowed me the opportunity to increase the focus of my work in the renegotiation of trauma and working with a more diverse population. Private practice has allowed me the chance to work with clients struggling with: trauma, depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationship struggles, eating disorders, chronic substance abuse (inpatient and outpatient), and self-esteem. Being in private practice has also given me the chance to connect with my community in a much more profound way. To be able to witness the struggles and the triumphs of clients as they go through life, and getting the chance to be a part of this, has been a true blessing.

In my work within Los Angeles County, I spent years working with incarcerated adolescents and their families. It is here that I work with teenagers that have a history of trouble with the law, gang involvement, personal and family traumas, educational struggles, and a need to increase hope and empowerment for a better future.  I teach techniques to help clients better engage with and navigate through the world, while also using somatic techniques to help clients heal from the traumas of the past. Clients work with their families to better connect, better communicate, and work towards renegotiating the troubled patterns of the past.

In 2014 my work with the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI) took an additional step forward when I began assisting as part of the teaching team for the institute. My role with SETI now includes helping the professional and personal development of professionals (therapists, body workers, MDs, movement coaches, doulas, etc) into the world of trauma healing and reintegration. This includes guiding participants in their skills training as well as providing approved sessions to participants throughout the training modules. This area has been incredibly powerful for me as I continue to grow and learn along side other healers who are deepening their connections and abilities through their process and personal journey of containment and compassion.

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