It is my belief that healing comes from within you, and within the context of relationship.


In my practice as a therapist and a healer I have been able to take this belief and put it into practice with my clients. I found a new passion for healing in 2011 when I began studying the practice of Somatic Experiencing therapy, which focuses on positive psychology and the concept of healing at a biological and nervous system level (reconnecting the mind and body as one).

I have experience working with diverse populations, including inpatient, outpatient, children, adults, families, and with chronic mental illness. I feel drawn towards working within the world of trauma healing, and helping bring clients closer to their goals of thriving. I focus much of the work on treating trauma, substance abuse, behavioral issues, and interpersonal struggles. I aim to help clients navigate through the world with somatic techniques to help clients heal from the traumas of the past. I believe in beginning with positivity, while increasing capacity for that which brings discomfort and struggle.


About Alex Megarit , LCSW, SEP

While studying social work at California State University, Los Angeles I learned the value of meaningful relationships and genuine human connection. It was then and there that I was able to make connections about who I am, where my passions lie, and I dedicated my life to becoming a therapist.